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Invicta Business can help you source hairdressers insurance which is specifically tailored to protect your business so you can provide your services to your customers with peace of mind. Simply put, hairdresser insurance is designed to protect you, your employees, your customers and your premises, in addition to providing insurance cover for any equipment or stock you have. Our insurance providers can also extend your insurance to include your hairdressing services when they are provided away from your salon, such as for home visits or in nursing homes, as well as arrange insurance protection for your business equipment when away from your salon.

Insurance protection is a must-have for you, a hairdressing or beauty salon owner, whether you are self-employed or running an incorporated business. The hairdressing insurance policies offered through Invicta Business give a foundation of essential covers, such as Employees Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, alongside a variety of other cover options that provide you with the comprehensive protection you require.

The main types of insurance that Invicta Business can arrange for Hairdressing Salons include the following:

  • Employers’ Liability
  • Public liability
  • Contents and stock cover
  • Business interruption cover
  • Commercial legal expenses
  • Money insurance
  • Building cover

Employers’ Liability (A Legal Requirement)

What is this insurance?

If you are a Hairdressing Salon owner with one or more employees you are responsible in law for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work and there is a daily fine imposed for not having Employer’s Liability. Your employees may be injured at work or they (and even your former employees) may become ill as a result of their work while in your employment. They might have a right to claim compensation from you if they believe you are responsible. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of insurance cover against any such claims.

The obligatory insurance cover is there to cover the cost of any successful compensation claim made against you. It will enable you to meet the cost of compensation for your employees’ injuries or illness caused by being in the salon. For example, this could be something as simple as a slip and trip on a wet floor, or over trailing wires, causing one of your employees to damage their knee, break their wrist or suffer a back injury. It could be that a member of your staff suffers from a work related illness.

We all know accidents happen and people make mistakes. If you’re running a salon and an employee is injured or something they own is damaged they can claim compensation if you are found to be at fault. Employers’ liability insurance would cover their claim for compensation.

However, any injuries and illness relating to motor accidents that occur while your employees are working for you away from your salon, such as whiplash, may be covered separately by your motor insurance. You must ensure that your employees are fully covered when driving, or riding in, your vehicles.

The legal requirement for Employers’ liability insurance is that you, as an employer, should have at least £5 million of employers’ liability cover. At Invicta Business we ensure all of our policies are given £10m indemnity limit as standard.

You are also required by law to display a certificate of employers’ liability insurance in your workplace. You can be fined up to £2,500 it you do not have the minimum liability cover.

Remember, having the insurance required by law does not alter your obligation to look after the health and safety needs of your employees. That includes meeting the legal requirements for heating, lighting and noise. Your insurance provider may have grounds to refuse to pay a claim, or may sue you, for any compensation payments it makes, if it can be shown that you, as an employer, have neglected your responsibilities in this regard.

Firms that only employ close relations, such as family members, may be exempted from the requirement to carry employers’ liability insurance provided you are not incorporated as a limited company. However, you should always check – Just to make sure!  You will find a lot of useful information on the Health & Safety Executive website:

Which insurance companies can sell me employers’ liability insurance for my hairdressing business?

You must use an authorised insurer. If you do not, you may be breaking the law. You should check that your insurer is authorised before you take out employers’ liability insurance.  As an independent insurance broker, Invicta Business is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Will my salon insurance policy contain conditions?

If you take out Employers’ Liability Insurance through Invicta Business, you will have an agreement with your insurance provider about the circumstances in which they will pay compensation.

Our agreement is tailored to your exact needs, but in general will have certain conditions. Most of those are favourable to you.

Remember, however, that having insurance cover does not mean you can forget about your legal responsibilities to protect the health and safety of your employees. For example, you must carry out a risk assessment that is suitable and sufficient, and take all reasonably practicable measures to protect your employees and report incidents.

Public liability (Strongly Recommended)

Public liability insurance is different from Employers’ Liability Insurance. It covers you for claims made against you by members of the public or other businesses, but not for claims by employees. While employers’ liability insurance is compulsory, public liability insurance is voluntary. However, you should treat the voluntary nature of such insurance with care.

Even though public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, it is an investment well worth making. That is because it would cover any financial liabilities you might have that arises as a consequence of your work. A Hairdressing Salon is particularly at risk because it is a service provider. You welcome prospective customers to enter your premises. Like members of staff, they could slip and trip on a wet floor causing injury, be hurt in some way by an unexpected incident, such as an adverse reaction to a particular treatment or even suffer pain caused by the behaviour of another customer or member of staff.  So, for example, your policy would pay the agreed amount of compensation to the person involved.

In the same way, if a member of the public (not necessarily a customer) was injured as a result of walking past your Salon, for instance being hit on the head by a falling tile from the roof of the Salon, the public liability insurance would meet any legal costs and compensation payments that arose.

What does public liability insurance for a hairdressing salon usually cover?

Public liability insurance usually provides cover for:

  • Legal expenses
  • Compensation claims for injuries to a third party or damage to their property, whether an incident takes place in your Salon premises, a customer’s premises (because of a treatment they’ve had in your Salon) or elsewhere
  • The cost of hospital treatment (including the cost of calling out an ambulance), if the NHS chooses to claim against you
  • Any other expenses deemed reasonable.

It’s up to you, the Hairdressing Salon owner, to decide how much public liability cover you need to buy. It depends on the nature and extent of your business.

Many public liability insurance policies offer cover from £1m to £10m for small and medium-sized hairdressing salons. If in doubt, it is wise to be risk conservative and veer on the side of taking out high insurance.

Remember that public liability insurance won’t insure some things. It won’t cover accidents that happen to you in your salon, damage to your own property or accidents that affect your employees or their possessions. Incidents like these should be covered under your employers’ liability insurance and/or your general business insurance policy.

Salon contents insurance and stock cover

Salon contents can be included as part of your hairdressers insurance, and would cover the cost of replacing expensive hairdressing and beauty supplies if they are damaged or stolen.

Your Hairdressing Salon’s contents and stock need to be protected in case they are destroyed, stolen or, damaged. For example, any damage caused by a fire or water. When calculating the value of your stock, include your materials in trade and make sure any high risk stock are covered.

Increase your coverage as the value of your stock increases. Otherwise you may find that you are under-insured were you to make a claim. Many insurers provide for seasonal increases in stock i.e. they realise that certain times of the year are busy times and will automatically uplift your total value of stock by a fixed percentage and thus your premium. You should check this when buying your policy.

Business interruption cover for your hairdressing business

You may also want to consider business interruption or loss of income insurance. If you were to suffer damage at your Hairdressing Salon as a result of an insured event, meaning you were unable to trade, your business interruption insurance would protect your income, your ongoing business expenses, and help you trade temporarily from another location while you get back up and running.

Commercial legal expenses

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance may be offered in a number of ways. It can be sold as an add-on to commercial risk policies such as employers and public liability indemnity or offered on a standalone basis.

Unexpected legal disputes can be costly at the best of times but with the ever changing burden of changing legislation, and a rise in contractual and service disputes means businesses, such as Hairdressing Salons, now more than ever must to be covered for every eventuality.

Invicta Business can help you find an insurance provider who offers flexibility of insurance dependant on your needs.

Money Insurance Cover is another aspect to consider, and worth checking to ensure your selected insurance provider offers it.

Almost all hairdressing Salons handle money in some form – cash, cheques, credit card slips and bankers’ drafts, making this form of insurance essential for businesses large and small.

A Money Insurance Policy covers loss of business money on business premises, or when carried by the insured or other employees. Personal accident cover may also be included for those carrying money. It can be tailored to cover a small amount of cash at the home of directors or employees, both in and after business hours.

Buildings cover

Building insurance cover protects your Hairdressing Salon premises against damage caused by fire, flooding, weather damage, and similar perils.

Speak with a member of the team from Invicta Business, as your buildings insurance policy can be tailored for occupied building, unoccupied buildings insurance and contents insurance.

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