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Insurance for your Hair Salon

Hairdressing, like all other businesses comes with risks. Whether that risk is to the customer through damaged hair or to the business through fire damage, theft or loss of equipment, the impact could be harmful. To mitigate against this, you can purchase hairdressing insurance which (depending on the policy) will protect you from the financial impact of these risks.


Do I Really Need Insurance for My Hair Salon/Barbers?

Legally, there’s no obligation to have hairdresser insurance (unless you have any employees whereby you will require Employers Liability cover under UK law) and many hairdressers consider their business to be relatively risk-free when compared to other industries such as construction for example. However, situations beyond your control can still occur, and it’s for these situations you need hairdresser insurance.

The cost of having to pay legal fees and any potential damages awarded against you in this instance is likely to be far higher than the cost of insuring your business.

Finding the Right Insurance for Your Hairdressing Salon

There are various situations to insure against so there are several policies available. Hairdresser insurance includes:

  • Treatment risk liability– this is potentially the biggest area and covers you against claims of hair damage or personal injury as a result of your treatment
  • Fire, theft and flood cover
  • Contents insurance– including stock and cash
  • Loss of profits arising from an insured event– this covers any loss of earnings experienced as a result of fire, theft or flood for example
  • Employers’ Liability– protects you against the cost of any claims from employees
  • Public Liability– protects against the cost of any claims from third parties relating to injuries and/or illnesses as a result of being on your premises
  • Product Liability– protects against the cost of any claims as a result of products sold

If you’re unsure as to what you need, then it might be best to speak to an expert. Here at Invicta insurance, we’re a brokerage and have experts on hand to guide you through the process. Give us a call on 0330 0450032 to find out more.


How Much Is Hairdressing Insurance?

Like all insurance, hairdressing insurance costs vary. This depends on the size of the salon, the number of employees, the value of equipment etc. However, it’s far more affordable than you think with liability only policies starting from as little as £40 per year. This represents just a fraction of the cost of any potential claims.


Do I Need Insurance If I’m a Home Hairdresser?

Whether you work from home or in a salon, you’ll need hairdresser insurance. The risks when working on hair at home are largely the same as the risks when working in a salon. Therefore, all the above applies to you whether you’re a salon owner, home worker or mobile hairdresser.


Protect your Salon with Invicta Business

Hairdressing insurance can protect you and your business against several risks. It’s far more affordable than you’d realise and can give you peace of mind. To find out which policy would suit you best, and to get a quote either give us a call on 0330 0450032 or retrieve an online insurance quote. As a broker, we have access to a wide range of companies and can find you the best value for money quote.


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