A Guide to Insurance for High Risk Locations

Flooded home cover

Reducing the Cost with the Right Insurance Policy

Our homes are probably the most valuable thing we own. It’s important to protect your home and its contents from damage. But what if you live in a high risk location?

At Invicta Business, some of our insurance providers can provide you with the protection you need when you live in a property that is at higher risk.

What is a High Risk Location?

A high risk location for a property is a place where a home is situated either somewhere where there are higher risks of environmental elements causing damage or where it has features which put the property at risk.

Examples include:

  • Previously flooded homes
  • Subsidence and previously underpinned properties

Flood Risk Cover

Your home could be located in a flood risk area which may have caused your home to have been flooded in the past. If this is so, you probably know how difficult it can be to obtain the appropriate insurance cover.

A bespoke property insurance policy can often be set up to meet your individual requirements. Insurers will need to know more information about the source of the flooding, any remedial work done to protect your property and any remedial work which has been done in the area, such as a flood barrier.


Flood prone insurance policies can feature cover for a whole list of items and services. Some of which are:

  • Home contents loss and damage
  • Personal belongings and valuables
  • Temporary accommodation in the event of your home becoming uninhabitable due to damage
  • Cash at home cover
  • Extra cover for special events such as birthdays, weddings and religious festivals
  • Loss of keys

Subsidence and Previously Underpinned Properties

If you own a property that has suffered from previous structural movement, it can be difficult to find suitable insurance for high risk properties. It is especially important to find appropriate insurance if you are buying a property that has suffered from subsidence (where land is sinking) or has been previously underpinned as you may need this in order to satisfy your mortgage provider. It’s important to get advice early on in the process so that it doesn’t hold up your application.

Property insurance cover can be looked at for:

  • New purchases
  • Recently underpinned homes
  • Historical buildings
  • Buildings with currently no cover

Get your property insurance cover today

Many property owners who live in high risk areas find it difficult to find the right insurance policy. Invicta Business in Sevenoaks Kent can help you with this. Stay protected by contacting us on: 0330 0450032 and let our team of specialist insurance brokers find a policy that suits your needs.

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