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DPS Deposit Scheme – What All Landlords Should Know

What is the DPS Deposit Scheme? DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme)are government schemes set up to help protect tenant deposits. They ensure tenants will receive their deposits back as long as they pay their rent and bills, do not damage the property, and meet the terms of their tenancy. Here’s the lowdown on what you as […]

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Landlord Insurance Advice from Our Experts

5 Questions We Are Often Asked About Landlords Insurance As a landlord, you can feel at risk when you have a financial investment in a property for others to rent from you. It is important for you to have the peace of mind by knowing exactly what you are covered for. At Invicta Business, some […]

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Fire Safety Regulations for Landlords

Fire Regulations that Affect Landlords Fire safety is essential for any landlord to implement throughout the properties they own. This can be a complex area in which the regulations can vary depending on what type of property it is, how many people occupy it, and what tenants’ needs are. Fire safety regulations for landlords can […]

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A Guide to Insurance for High Risk Locations

Reducing the Cost with the Right Insurance Policy Our homes are probably the most valuable thing we own. It’s important to protect your home and its contents from damage. But what if you live in a high risk location? At Invicta Business, some of our insurance providers can provide you with the protection you need […]

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7 Tips for Landlords Dealing with Noisy Tenants

How to Deal with Noisy Tenant However much you screen individuals before accepting them as tenants, it is hard to know what they are truly like until they move in. One of the biggest headaches for landlords is when complaints start to come in from other neighbours or tenants. Dealing with noisy tenants is one […]

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A comprehensive guide on unoccupied property insurance

What you Need to Know as a landlord Becoming a buy-to-let landlord is a great way to own multiple properties without having to foot the mortgage repayments each month. That said, it’s not an easy job as there’s a lot to organise and sort. If one of your properties is left unoccupied, for instance, it’s […]

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Commercial property insurance explained – 5 things you need to know

Business Property Insurance When it comes to business property insurance, it can be easy to hold onto your money and hope nothing bad happens to your belongings or premises. This, of course, is not the smartest decision; and, while finding the right policy might just seem like another thing to add to your ‘to-do’ list, […]

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Why is buy-to-let landlord insurance more expensive?

Buy-to-let Insurance If you’re looking to invest in property, but can’t afford to have multiple homes sitting unoccupied, you may decide to bite the bullet and become a landlord. Buying with the view to let is a great way to build your property empire while ensuring the mortgage is paid off every month, but if […]

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