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What Business Insurance Is Compulsory?

Making sure you Know What Insurance is Required by Law We often get asked the question “What insurance for my business should I invest in?” Well, this really comes down to several factors. What does the law require? What type of unexpected event can your business recover from or more importantly, not recover from? What […]

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Small Business Insurance

Protecting your Small Business with the Right Insurance Policy Small businesses often ask us what cover they need to ensure they’re protected. Sometimes it can be confusing knowing just which types of Insurance policy your small business needs. We’ve broken down some of the main questions we get to give you the information you need. […]

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Shop Insurance

Protecting your Shop with Retail Insurance If you’re running any type of retail outlet from a commercial building, there are some essential insurance covers you should consider to protect your business and income.   Why Is It Important to Have Shop Insurance? Retail insurance is essential for protecting your business. Many sections of cover come […]

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Risks of Running a Business Without Insurance

 Why you Need Insurance All businesses take risks, but running a business without insurance could be one risk too far. Here’s why Business insurance is so vital.   Business Operating Without Insurance While businesses put procedures and controls in place, sometimes you can’t stop the unexpected occurring. Aspects at risk include: Premises Business contents Income […]

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How Does Business Interruption Insurance Work?

Be Covered with Business Interruption Insurance Businesses often cover themselves for the unexpected by protecting their premises and its contents. However, there can also be financial losses as a result of business interruption.   What Does Business Interruption Insurance Mean? A business interruption is one which harms business income. It’s an interruption that would affect […]

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Hairdresser Insurance

Insurance for your Hair Salon Hairdressing, like all other businesses comes with risks. Whether that risk is to the customer through damaged hair or to the business through fire damage, theft or loss of equipment, the impact could be harmful. To mitigate against this, you can purchase hairdressing insurance which (depending on the policy) will […]

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Business Contents Insurance

Covering your Contents Every business wants to protect itself from financial losses due to damage to of loss of its contents. Unfortunately, unexpected events can damage a business beyond repair if they’re not covered. Business contents insurance covers businesses for loss of things like computers and furniture in the event of damage or theft. Here’s […]

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9 tips in getting the right business insurance for start ups

Helping you get the Right Business Insurance Starting a new business can be daunting. You’re sure to make plenty of mistakes along the way, but some things are essential to get right from the off – including start up business insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy that keeps you on the right side of the law […]

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Insuring business assets – why is it so important?

Business Content Insurance With meetings to arrange, deadlines to meet, interviews to hold, jobs to tick off, and staff to organise, it can be easy to let important tasks slip from your mind – such as arranging that much-needed business contents insurance. The good news is, reputable brokers will find a policy to suit the […]

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