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Tradesman or a Professional, liability insurance

Whether you are a Tradesman or a Professional, liability insurance is a key factor when considering your business insurance requirements. Often referred to in the building and construction industry as tradesman’s or contractors liability cover, Public Liability Insurance, to give it its official title, is utilised to protect your business should a negligent act, for which you are legally liable, cause an injury or death to someone or damage to their property.

At Invicta Business we make purchasing this vital cover as easy as possible for you as you can obtain an instant quotation and immediate cover for your tradesman, professional or public liability insurance by simply clicking on ‘Get a Quote’ in the top right hand corner of this page.

We will search our panel of leading insurers quickly and efficiently to find you a competitive tradesman or professional liability quotation to cover your public liability requirements.

The liability quotation process is simple and cover can be increased and tailored to suit the specific needs of your trade. Whether you are a plumber or a builder, an architect or a surveyor we can offer public liability quotations for a vast array of manual and sedentary trades.  

What is Public Liability Insurance?

As a business owner you have a duty of care to protect your customers and their belongings and should a negligent act on your part cause damage or injury or death then your customer has the right to sue you. Public Liability insurance provides indemnity cover should you accidentally damage someone’s property or if you injure a customer or member of the public in the course of your business activities.

We live in an ever more litigious world and whilst public liability insurance is not yet a legal requirement you can imagine how your business would be financially damaged should protection not be in place and you are unfortunate enough to be sued.

How much does Public Liability insurance cost?

Simply click on ‘Get a Quote’ to obtain a tradesmen’s liability quotation by entering your business risk information and see just how reasonably priced public liability insurance can be. With premiums starting from as little as £38, dependent on levels of cover and your trade, public liability is an affordable yet crucial protection for your business.

Do I need Public Liability insurance for my company?

Whilst Public liability cover is not compulsory, Invicta Business strongly recommends that every tradesman, professional or business who comes into contact with the public should seriously consider protecting themselves with public liability insurance. Whether your trade involves manual work like a builder, carpenter, plumber, electrician or any of the other allied trades or even if your occupation is of a more sedentary nature including professionals such as architects, project managers, accountants and business consultants you can choose an indemnity level to suit your requirements from £1m to £5m. Often if you are a sub contractor or you work with local authorities or on government, local care or educational premises your contract will insist that you have public liability cover in place with a £5m indemnity limit.

What other covers should a tradesman consider?

It is a legal requirement for companies in the UK to have Employers Liability insurance cover in place if they have any employees working for them. PAYE staff and self employed labour only sub contractors would fall within this category. Employers liability cover can be added to your public liability quotation easily and competitively by simply choosing the relevant section when completing your quotation.

In addition you may wish to also consider including contract works cover; which offers cover for the contracts you are working on against theft or damage to materials or to include cover for your own or hired in plant. All these additional benefits can be included within your quotation by simply clicking on the relevant cover sections.

Complex liability requirements for high risk occupations and increased indemnity limits

If your business is of a non-standard nature, involves work in high risk environments or you require levels of public liability indemnity in excess of £5m contact our tradesmen insurance specialists in Sevenoaks, Kent on 0330 0450032 to get a competitive quotation.

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