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Our surgery insurance policies are specially designed to meet the insurance requirements of the healthcare and related industries. Our surgery insurance policy is flexible enough to cater for the small GP’s practices up to larger clinics and hospitals.

As healthcare professionals you want to concentrate on the wellbeing of your patients rather than having to worry about your insurance cover. At Invicta Business we understand your requirements and can offer you affordable yet broad cover to ensure you have peace of mind should a catastrophe strike.

Invicta Business has designed a surgery package policy especially for healthcare providers. It brings all of your cover requirements together under one simple policy so whether you are a local GP, dentist, chiropodist, podiatrist, physiotherapist, psychotherapist, psychologist or osteopath our surgery insurance is there for you. Cover can be included for buildings insurance as well as important internal cover benefits such as general contents, medical equipment, medicines, computers and public and employers liability insurance.

You can obtain an instant quotation now for your surgery insurance by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ in the top right hand corner of this page. The process is straightforward and will only take a matter of minutes.

Once you are happy with the terms and conditions of the quotation you can purchase immediate cover and issue documentation thus protecting your surgery within a few clicks of a mouse.

What is Surgery Insurance?

Invicta Business’ surgery insurance policies are designed to include cover for your premises. If you own the property we can include cover for your building insurance, but if you lease the surgery and have spent money improving the interior do not worry as our surgery policy can cover that too. As well as the premises we can include your important internal elements of cover too, including general contents which would include your furniture, computers, medical equipment and stocks of medicines.

As with all businesses you also have a duty of care to protect your staff and patients so whilst it is incredibly important to ensure the above insurance cover is in place it is a legal requirement for all businesses employing staff in the UK to have Employers Liability cover in place. Our surgery policies come with £10m Employers Liability cover as standard. Public liability cover is also included and this protects you should a negligent act on your part cause damage to property or injury or death to one of your patients as they would then have the right to sue you.

How much does Surgery insurance cost?

At Invicta Business we understand how busy practice managers are and have designed a system to make purchasing your insurance as simple as possible. Click ‘Get a Quote’ and you will be able to see just how competitive our surgery cover is by obtaining a great value for money quotation for all of your surgery insurance requirements in a matter of minutes.

Do I really need Surgery insurance?

It is a legal requirement for companies in the UK to have a minimum of £5m indemnity cover in respect of Employers Liability insurance so by taking up one of our surgery policies you have already met and indeed exceeded your legal obligations. When you add to that the ability of continuous trading should a claim occur, such as fire, theft or flood as well as recompense for damaged items you really need to ask can you do without the cover.

Do not forget that Invicta Business’ surgery insurance automatically includes business interruption cover and/or increased cost of working insurance. What is this important cover? This cover section helps profit making businesses continue to trade, sometimes from temporary premises, so that when a catastrophe strikes it does not result in the closure of your healthcare business.

What other covers should a Surgery based business consider?

Our superb surgery insurance package should cover the biggest insurable threats to your business and allow you to continue trading. However, there are other areas of concern that Invicta Business would recommend you consider as a surgery based business. These additional covers compliment or extend your existing surgery policy and should be considered when choosing the right cover for you.

Did you know that Terrorism cover is not automatically covered under surgery insurance policies in the UK? This important extension can be included upon request and payment of a small additional premium. If your surgery is located in London, or indeed in any other city centre or near to a potential terrorist target you should consider this cover extension very carefully.

It is very probable that some of your surgical equipment and/or lifts or escalators if fitted require a yearly or twice yearly maintenance inception to meet HSE health and safety legal requirements. Our Engineering Inspection policy will afford you peace of mind knowing these inspections will take place automatically without you having to worry. What’s more it does so at a one off competitive annual rate which would ease your budgeting requirements.

Simply click ‘Get a Quote’ to obtain competitive cover for your standard surgery insurance requirements.

For further details or to receive a quotation for these additional benefits please contact us on 0330 0450032 for assistance.

Complex or specific business insurance requirements and/or higher sums insured

If you carry out invasive medical procedures or other surgical treatments then standard liability insurance may not be sufficient for your requirements. If your surgery is involved in such procedures or your require higher sums insured for your contents, equipment, computers or medicines please contact us for immediate bespoke assistance on 0330 0450032.

We look forward to assisting you with all your surgery insurance requirements.

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