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From brasseries to bistro’s, diners to buffets or gastro pubs to Teppanyaki houses our restaurant insurance policy has all the ingredients required to ensure your food business is sufficiently covered in the event of an insurance claim.

Whilst the style, flavours and ambiance may alter from each individual restaurant we believe there is one main shared objective for restaurant owners and operators when it comes to insurance cover – peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that should disaster strike cover will be in place to repair or replace and damaged or stolen items as well as ensuring everything possible is done to help you continue to trade in the event of a disaster.

It is a worrying fact that 70% of all businesses in the UK that suffer a fire claim fail to recover and sadly cease trading. This is largely due to inadequate insurance cover being in place.

Invicta Business has handpicked a panel of insurers based on their ability to offer good quality cover at affordable prices. All aspects of your restaurant insurance can be included in one simple restaurant insurance package. We can include the building if you own your premises or tenants improvements if you lease them. As well as public and employers liability insurance all aspects of your content including kitchen equipment, ranges and electrical equipment to tables, chairs and carpets can also be included. We have made obtaining an instant restaurant insurance quotation as easy as pie! Just click on ‘Get a Quote’ in the top right hand corner of this page and obtain your competitive quotation.

In less than the time it takes to make an omelette we will search our panel of selected insurers to find you a great value for money restaurant insurance quotation. Cover can then be purchased immediately and documents issued to protect your restaurant comprehensively.

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Designed with the needs of restaurant operators at heart, our restaurant insurance has been designed to encompass all of your restaurant insurance requirements under one simple product. Why not combine your buildings, contents, public and employers liability, money, glass frontage, signs and business interruption covers together making it easier to administer.

If fire were to strike in your restaurant could you recover from the devastation? Are you adequately insured for all of the contents and fittings and more importantly could your business withstand the loss of trade? Our restaurant insurance includes Business Interruption cover as standard enabling your profits to be maintained whilst repairs for any damages are ongoing.

All small business owners also have a legal requirement and duty of care to protect their staff and customers so whilst the above cover benefits are vital for the continuous trading of your restaurant, our restaurant insurance also extends to include Employers Liability and Public Liability cover. Employers Liability cover is a legal requirement for all businesses employing staff in the UK and covers you for injury or death to your members of staff for which the business is negligently at fault.
Public liability cover protects you should a negligent act on your part cause damage to property or injury or death to one of your diners or members of the general public as in such an event they would have the right to take legal action against you for compensation. Invicta Business restaurant insurance includes both as standard further protecting your business.

How much does restaurant insurance cost?

When calculating your restaurant insurance premium underwriters take various rating factors into account. From the location of your restaurant to the number of covers you can offer to sums insured and of course previous claims history all are taken on board within the rating system. However, despite these numerous variants we are confident that by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ you will obtain a competitive quotation for all of your restaurant insurance requirements. Value for money cover is only a few moments and clicks away.

Do I really need restaurant insurance?

Ask yourself whether your restaurant business, that you worked tirelessly to build, could withstand the loss of trade a significant claim such as a fire, flood or escape of water would bring.

At Invicta Business our restaurant insurance not only includes cover for physical damage to your restaurant buildings and contents it also includes business interruption cover as standard. This extremely important cover enables your business to keep its profits topped up to their normal level should a claim occur. In the event of a catastrophe your kitchens or restaurant may become uninhabitable so you must ensure the resultant loss of trade is adequately insured and our business interruption cover will pay your employees wages and assist with advertising when you re-open and potentially locating you a temporary pop up premises to trade from whilst the repairs are carried out.

Notwithstanding the above you must always stay on the right side of the law and as all UK companies must have Employers Liability insurance in place to protect their employees we made sure our providers include this cover as standard.

What other covers should a restaurant operator consider?

We are confident that our specifically designed restaurant insurance packages will pick up the potential insurable threats to your business. However, there are policy extensions and other insurance related products that we feel compliment your restaurant cover and should be considered when obtaining quotations for your restaurant insurance.

Terrorism cover is excluded from all commercial insurance policies in the UK unless specifically requested and agreed prior to inception. If your restaurant is city based, perhaps in our capital London or another of our large cities like Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham, or if it is located close to a potential terrorist target like a government building, military base, utilities depot or shopping centre we recommend you explore the option of uplifting your restaurant insurance to include Terrorism cover.

As a restaurant it is highly likely that you operate high pressure machinery within your kitchens as well as a boiler to heat your restaurant. It is a legal requirement that all of these items are inspected yearly or twice yearly dependent on legal requirements to ensure they are maintained safely under Heath and Safety regulations. Let us take away the concerns of having to remember to book the inspections by offering you one of our first class Engineering Inspection policies.

All directors and senior management in UK companies should seriously consider the added protection of Directors & Officers cover. Indemnity is offered to protect and defend directors and senior management should they become directly involved in an employment dispute, Health & Safety investigation or a dispute with a fellow director for failure of their duty of care, not dislike an errors or omissions policy.

We can also include commercial legal expenses cover that will offer you some legal defence should you be involved in a legal dispute including contract disputes, employment disputes, property disputes, criminal disputes and tax investigations by HMRC.

Simply click ‘Get a Quote’ to obtain competitive cover for your standard restaurant insurance requirements.

For further details or to receive a quotation for these additional benefits please contact us on 0330 0450032 for assistance.

Complex or specific business insurance requirements

If your restaurant is of a non-standard or unusual construction or you have a chain of restaurants and require cover for multiple locations or if you are interested in finding out more about any of the other products mentioned please contact us for immediate assistance on 0330 0450032.

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