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Insurance Cover for your Plumbing Business

Specialist insurance protection is a must-have for you, a plumber, whether you are self-employed or running an incorporated business. The plumbers’ insurance policies offered by Invicta Business give a foundation of essential covers, such as Employees Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, alongside a menu of other cover options that provide you with the comprehensive protection you require.  

Why do Plumbers need Business Insurance?

There are two type of business insurance for plumbers. One is ‘Must have’ the other is ‘Should have’.

Employers’ Liability Insurance (Must have)

What is this insurance?

If you are a plumber with one or more employees you are responsible in law for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work. Your employees may be injured at work or they (and even your former employees) may become ill as a result of their work while in your employment. They might have a right to claim compensation from you if they believe you are responsible. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of insurance cover against any such claims.

The obligatory insurance cover is there to cover the cost of any successful compensation claim made against you. It will enable you to meet the cost of compensation for your employees’ injuries or illness whether they are caused on or off site. However, any injuries and illness relating to motor accidents that occur while your employees are working for you may be covered separately by your motor insurance. You must ensure that your employees are fully covered when driving, or riding in, your vehicles.

The legal requirement for Employers’ liability insurance is that you, as an employer, should have at least £5 million of employers’ liability cover. Invicta Business provides flexibility of cover and you can increase this amount if you want to.

You are also required by law to display a certificate of employers’ liability insurance in your workplace. You can be fined up to £2,500 it you do not have the minimum liability cover.

Remember, having the insurance required by law does not alter your obligation to look after the health and safety needs of your employees. Your insurance provider may have grounds to refuse to pay a claim, or may sue you, for any compensation payments it makes, if it can be shown that you, as an employer, have neglected your responsibilities in this regard.

Firms that only employ close relations, such as family members, may be exempted from the requirement to carry employers’ liability insurance provided you are not incorporated as a limited company. However, you should always check – Just to make sure!  You will find a lot of useful information on the Health & Safety Executive website: www.hse.gov.uk

Which insurance companies can sell me employers’ liability insurance?

You must use an authorised insurer.  If you do not use an authorised insurer, you may be breaking the law. You should check that your insurer is authorised before you take out employers’ liability insurance. Authorised insurers are individuals or companies working under the terms of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) maintains a register of authorised insurers. You can check whether a company is authorised by searching their register on www.fsa.gov.uk, or telephoning the FSA on 0845 606 1234.

Invicta Business is an authorised insurance broker for this purpose.

Does my insurance policy contain conditions? 

If you take out Employers’ Liability Insurance through Invicta Business, you will have an agreement with your insurance provider about the circumstances in which they will pay compensation.

Our agreement is tailored to your exact needs, but in general will have certain conditions. Most of those are favourable to you.

Remember, however, that having insurance cover does not mean you can forget about your legal responsibilities to protect the health and safety of your employees. For example, you must carry out a risk assessment that is suitable and sufficient, and take all reasonably practicable measures to protect your employees and report incidents.

Public Liability insurance (Should have)

Public liability insurance is different from Employers’ Liability Insurance. It covers you for claims made against you by members of the public or other businesses, but not for claims by employees. While employers’ liability insurance is compulsory, public liability insurance is voluntary. However, you should treat the voluntary nature of such insurance with care.

Even though public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, it is an investment well worth making. That is because it would cover any financial liabilities you might have that arises as a consequence of your work. So, for example, if there is water leakage following one of your jobs and damage is caused to the building of your customer, your policy would pay the agreed amount of compensation to the customer.

In the same way, if a member of the public were injured as a result of work undertaken by you, or your staff, the public liability insurance would meet any legal costs and compensation payments that arose.

Customers may ask you to show that they have public liability cover before they award you a contract.

What other forms of insurance cover does Invicta Business offer to plumbers?

There is a range of covers available within the Invicta Business’ range of policies  that we bolt on to make sure our insurance coverage is more tailored to meet your precise needs as a Plumber. Here are examples of the most popular ones

Vehicle Cover

If you are a Plumber you are probably using vehicles to carry your tools, materials and people. You will need to ensure that you have the insurance cover required.

You may therefore need a separate commercial vehicle insurance policy to cover your van(s) and car(s).  Invicta Business can help you source suitable cover, and can even help with a Motor Fleet Policy - potentially saving you money if you have two or more vehicles.

Remember, you are legally required to insure any vehicles that you are using on the public highway for third party liability cover under the Road Traffic Act. Invicta Business provides a broad range of cover from third party only to the most commonly chosen comprehensive level of cover. This complies with and exceeds this legal requirement.

Insurance for Trade Tools

As a plumber you may need to obtain insurance cover for the tools of your trade, whether they are hand or power tools. The policy arranged by Invicta Business will usually provide for them to be replaced by new equivalents if they are stolen or damaged.

Many plumbers believe incorrectly that the contents of their commercial vehicles are covered under their vehicle insurance. Whilst most policies provide a small amount of cover for personal possessions, between £100 to £250, none will pick up cover for your stock, tools or other goods whilst in transit. To ensure that your tools, stock and other goods are insured whilst in transit you will need to have specific Goods in Transit or Tools in Transit cover in place. At Invicta Business we can offer either stand alone policies for these important covers or we may be able to include them within your business insurance policy.

Invicta Business provides you an option to extend your insurance to cover any tools that are left in vehicles overnight. However, this will add to the premium.

Buildings Cover

Another element of the Invicta Business ‘Plumbers insurance cover package’ protects your premises against damage caused by fire, flooding, weather damage, and similar perils.

 Your Invicta Business policy can be tailored for occupied building, unoccupied buildings and contents insurance

Business/office equipment

In addition to insuring your buildings and work tools, you may need cover for office equipment such as computers. Again, an Invicta Business policy can be tailored to meet your requirement. For example you may decide to extend your policy to cover protection for such items as laptops and mobile phones away from the premises as well as in it. The policy may stipulate that certain assets are not left in a vehicle overnight.

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