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On almost every street in the UK you can find at least one office premises. From small converted flats to large purpose built office blocks, office based businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy. Despite housing a vast array of differing professions from accountants to solicitors, insurance brokers to architects most office based businesses are faced with the same risks when it comes to their insurance requirements.

Imagine the potential devastation to your business should a pipe burst and your computer server, PC’s and photocopier be destroyed? What if a fire took out your telephone system or a flood meant you could not access your office?

Invicta Business has negotiated first class office insurance deals that pull together all of your important office insurance requirements including buildings, glass, contents, computers and liabilities in one simple package. Obtaining an instant quotation for office insurance could not be easier. Just click on ‘Get a Quote’ in the top right hand corner of this page to obtain a competitive quotation.

It only takes a matter of minutes during which time we will search our panel of insurers to find you a great value for money office insurance quotation. Cover can then be purchased immediately and documents issued to protect your business comprehensively and competitively.

What is Office Insurance?

Our office insurance policies are specifically designed to cover your premises, including the fabric of the building or tenants improvements (dependent on whether you own or lease your premises) including glass, your contents including your desks, chairs, furniture, electronic equipment and money against insured perils such as fire, escape of water, theft, accidental damage and flood. Should a disaster strike cover would also extend to the recovery of electronic records where possible.

In addition, as with all business owners, you also have a duty of care to protect your customers and staff so whilst the above cover benefits are important our office insurance also extends to include Public & Employers Liability cover too. Employers Liability cover is a legal requirement for all businesses employing staff in the UK and covers you for injury or death to your members of staff for which the business is negligently at fault. Public liability cover is also included and this protects you should a negligent act on your part cause damage to property or injury or death to one of your customers as they would then have the right to sue you.

How much does office insurance cost?

Just by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ you will be able to obtain a compeitive insurance quotation for your office insurance in a matter of a few moments. We are confident that this quick and simple process will result in a great value for money quotation for you and you will be pleasantly surprised how such broad and in many cases legally required cover can be obtained so competitively.

Do I really need office insurance?

Notwithstanding the fact that it is a legal requirement for UK companies to have Employers Liability insurance in place to protect their employees as a prudent professional you need to ensure you are prepared for any threat to your business. What would be the implications should you suffer a flood at your office? Could your company withstand a period of not being able to trade and could you afford to replace your entire computer and telephone network should it be destroyed?

Office insurance automatically includes business interruption cover or increased cost of working. This vital cover section helps your profit making business to continue to trade, perhaps from alternative premises, so that any damage incurred does not put you out of business.

What other covers should an office based business consider?

Whilst our excellent office insurance packages should pick up most of the potential threat to your business there are other insurance policies that we feel compliment the office policy and should be seriously considered when making your insurance purchase.

Terrorism cover is excluded from office insurance policies unless additionally requested. Should your office be located in London, or indeed in any other city centre or near to a potential terrorist target you should seriously consider this cover extension.

If your profession involves a large amount of corporate travel we can supply a business travel insurance policy for all of your staff including senior managers and directors. In fact some of our policies extend to include directors families for free.

Depending on your business profession you may require Professional Indemnity (PI) cover to add another layer of protection to your business. PI insurance provides cover for errors and omissions on your part that cause financial damage to a customer. Many professions must have this cover in place as part of their regulatory requirements.

To compliment the PI cover Directors also opt for our strongly recommended Directors & Officers cover. Similarly to Professional Indemnity insurance cover is put in place to protect and defend directors and senior management should they become directly involved in an employment dispute, Health & Safety investigation or by a fellow director for failure of their duty of care, not dislike an errors or omissions policy.

If your office is a large purpose built premises then it is highly likely that it will have a lift or escalators fitted and may include a boiler system. It is a legal requirement that these are inspected regularly to ensure they are maintained safely under Heath and Safety regulations. We can take away the worry of you having to remember to book these inspections by offering excellent Engineering Inspection policies with competitive rates. We can also include commercial legal expenses cover that will offer you some legal defence should you be involved in a legal dispute including contract disputes, employment disputes, property disputes, criminal disputes and tax investigations by HMRC.

Simply click ‘Get a Quote’ to obtain competitive cover for your standard office insurance requirements.

For further details or to receive a quotation for these additional benefits please contact us on 0330 0450032 for assistance.

Complex or specific business insurance requirements and/or higher sums insured

If your office premises are of non-standard or unusual construction or you have a requirement for high computer or electronic equipment sums insured or if you are interested in finding out more about Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers or any of the other products mentioned please contact us for immediate assistance on 0330 0450032.

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