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It is estimated that there are 1.4m landlords in the UK ranging from residential landlords with individual buy-to-let properties and accidental landlords who have inherited property to commercial investors and property management companies with expansive portfolios. These landlords, or property owners to give them their formal title used by insurers, own and let various types of premises including private dwelling houses, individual flats, entire blocks of flats and commercial property such as warehouses, offices and shops.

Despite each of these landlords having their own specific insurance requirements all of them share the same core goal which is ensuring their assets are fully protected.

Imagine the destruction a flood or escape of water claim could cause to your property? Once you then add a potential loss of rental income to the physical damage and you could be facing the devastating prospect of losing your asset.

At Invicta Business, we understand the requirements for todays landlords and have designed a specific property owners insurance policy that expands to include all the insurance requirements available to ensure your asset is protected at all times. We can offer very competitive rates regardless of the type of tenant you house from professional working people to students and tenants with DSS support.

You can obtain a quick an easy quotation for your rental property simply by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ in the top right hand corner of this page. In a matter of minutes you will be taken through the quotation information where you can include the exact cover benefits crucial to you. We will then search our panel of insurers to find you a great value for money landlord insurance quotation. Cover can then be purchased immediately and documents issued to protect your property competitively and comprehensively.

What is Landlords Insurance?

Also known as Property Owners insurance, Let Property insurance, Rental Property insurance and Flat Insurance, landlords insurance is designed to cover the property assets of a landlord who is renting out commercial or residential buildings.

Starting with the fabric of the building including the walls, ceilings, floors and roof as well as grounds, perimeter walls, outbuildings, garages our landlord insurance policy protects the structure of your property. Subject to an accurate buildings declared value (or rebuilding cost) insurers will cover damage caused by various insurance perils including accidental damage, fire, theft, escape of water, trace and access, malicious damage including by tenant, flood, impact of vehicle, storm and explosion. In addition extended cover can be included, for a small additional premium, for subsidence, heave or landslip and terrorism (see below for more details).

Cover can then be extended to include landlords contents cover for the same insurable perils detailed above. These items could include anything form carpets, curtains and white goods if unfurnished to all of your items if fully or part furnished.

In addition, property owners have a duty of care to protect the general public against injury and death or damage to property for which you are negligently at fault. For instance, if a known loose tile comes off your roof and injures the postman or a passerby they would be entitled to take legal action against you.

How much does landlords insurance cost?

Each quotation is rated on its individual merits and rating factors but we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised just how competitive our landlord insurance quotations are. Just by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ you will be able to obtain an insurance quotation for your rental property in a matter of minutes. Follow our quick and simple process and obtain your great value for money quotation now.

Do I really need landlords insurance?

Rental properties represent significant financial investments for their owners and you should ensure your valuable asset is fully protected. At Invicta Business our landlord insurance offers peace of mind and broad cover to ensure your buildings are protected for any unforeseen, insured risk from flood to fire, accident to malicious damage. Once the basic cover is in place we can extend to include your landlords contents, loss of rent cover and Public Liability Insurance too so that you are fully protected under one easy to administer insurance policy.

If you have multiple properties our easy to use system enables you to quote and issue cover for all of them under one simple portfolio policy. Each property then benefits from the same broad levels of cover and maximises the discounts available from insurers when placing larger risks. In addition to attracting the maximum policy discounts, portfolio policies also make it far easier for busy landlords to administer. All of your properties are included within one set of policy documents with one easy to remember annual renewal date. As an additional service for landlords with multiple properties we can also issue separate policy schedules or invoices to assist with your premium collection from your tenants.

What other covers should a landlord consider?

Whilst our excellent landlords insurance package should pick up the biggest threats to your rental business there are some covers that do not come as standard and we strongly advise that these are carefully considered. In addition we feel that there are other insurance products that will compliment your landlords policy and should also be taken into account when making your insurance arrangements.

Additional cover benefits that can be included within your landlord insurance quote:

Subsidence, heave and landslip cover is not automatically included within a landlords insurance policy and must be specifically requested. We believe that all landlords should seriously consider this additional cover as should you be unfortunate enough to suffer the consequences of such damage the cost of repair often rises to tens of thousands of pounds. We have made our system easy to understand so to include subsidence cover simply tick the subsidence box when obtaining your quotation. Subsidence can be particularly common in areas with clay soil or in properties with poor drainage or trees close to the buildings, so please check and ensure that you are fully covered.

Terrorism cover is excluded from all commercial insurance policies unless specifically requested. Should your investment property be located near to a potential terrorist target, such as a shopping centre, utilities depot, military or political buildings you should seriously consider this cover extension. Often landlords with properties in London or other major cities choose to add this cover extension for additional protection.

Do you directly employ any staff relating to you investment property? Perhaps a lift or door attendant, caretaker or gardener? If so, did you know that it is a legal requirement in the UK for you to have Employers Liability insurance cover? By confirming yes to Employers Liability cover when obtain your quotation your cover can be adjusted to include £10m Employers Liability indemnity limit. Please note that this applies to direct employees only. If you use the services of a contractor to carry our repairs or maintenance then you would not be expected to insure them as an employee.

Additional polices you may wish to consider as a landlord:

If you hold your rental asset in a company name or you are a manager of a large portfolio you should consider Directors & Officers insurance. Cover is put in place to protect and defend directors and senior management should they become directly involved in an employment dispute, Health & Safety investigation or a dispute with a fellow director for failure of their duty of care, not dislike an errors or omissions policy.

If your property is a large multi floored premises such as a block of flats or commercial building it is highly likely that it will have been fitted with a lift. It is a legal requirement that these are inspected regularly to ensure they are maintained safely under Heath and Safety regulations. We can take away the worry of you having to remember to book these inspections by offering excellent Engineering Inspection policies with competitive rates. You may have a boiler powering your central heating system and this too can be covered by our Engineering Inspection policies.

Property Owners legal expenses cover can also be taken up which offers indemnity for legal expenses from tenant disputes including eviction, dilapidations and nuisance. In addition to this important cover it also extends to include maintenance disputes, Health & Safety prosecutions, employments disputes and Tax Protection cover which affords you cover for professional expenses incurred by the insured following a HMRC enquiry.

Whilst your insurance policy will cover unforeseen insured incidents, general maintenance and wear and tear are excluded from all insurance policies. There are a wide range of common but unexpected emergencies that could occur within your property such a as a burst pipe, blocked drain or failure of the heating system. Should an incident like this occur it is likely to cause distress to your tenant and cost you both time and money to put right. Our Landlords Home Emergency insurance will arrange for an engineer to attend the property and make safe the repair and eradicate any health and safety risk posed by the emergency.

Simply click ‘Get a Quote’ to obtain competitive cover for your standard landlords insurance requirements.

For further details or to receive a quotation for these additional benefits please contact us on 0330 0450032 for assistance.

Complex or specific landlord insurance requirements

If your rental premises are of an unusual or non-standard construction, you have a large portfolio of properties and would prefer an in depth evaluation or if you are interested in finding out more about Engineering Insurance, Directors & Officers or Landlords legal expenses cover please contact one of our landlord insurance experts. Invicta Business is a regulated commercial insurance broker based in Sevenoaks, Kent but we serve landlords and business throughout the UK. 

We would also be delighted to offer competitive quotations for your tenants in respect of their own contents. Please contact us or encourage your tenants to do so for immediate assistance on 0330 0450032.

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